Cigar box purses – There’s nothing like finding a unique and original gem at an arts and crafts market, and buying it from the artist who made it. Nowadays, the internet is the world’s largest arts and crafts market, and it’s the best place to shop for unique treasures like cigar box purses and handbags. It’s not too difficult to find cigar box purses and handbags which are made from real cigar box lids, featuring beautiful and fascinating images from a romantic bygone era.

You can also buy newly created pieces, featuring original artwork and photography. You’ll even find services which will custom make a cigar box purse or handbag using an image of your choice, or if you’re really creative, you can buy kits to make them yourself.

Kits for making your own cigar box purses and handbags.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as making something beautiful, unique and practical with your own hands. Handmade cigar box purses and handbags make a truly wonderful gift, and they’re a nice craft project even for beginners.


You’ll find all of the materials you need from many handbag and purse hardware suppliers, and they’re not too hard to find online. You’ll need a simple wooden cigar box in a suitable size, an interesting photograph or piece of artwork, lacquer, and purse hardware, including hinges, corners if you want them, a clasp and a handle. Choosing materials which go together and work well artistically is half the fun.

Assembling the cigar box purse or handbag is a simple matter of gluing on the artwork, applying a few coats of lacquer until you get the look you want, then screwing the whole thing together with the hardware.…