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The shag hairstyle has been a fashion staple since the 1970s when it was made popular by celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Goldie Hawn. The shag was originally created in the late 1960s by stylist John Sahag, who was known for using his dry-cut technique to produce unsystematic layers. As of 2010, the shaggy-hair look is still trendy, with many celebrities wearing different versions of the modern, layered coif.

Pixie Shag

The pixie shag is the messy version of the classic pixie style.




The hair is cut in different lengths to achieve a messy, bed-head look. This cut can be styled by taking a small amount of hair gel or putty and running it through the hair, piecing hair out with the fingers. Halle Berry’s signature style helped make the pixie shag famous, and stars such as Sharon Stone have been seen wearing it over the years.

Shaggy Bob

A sassy, chic version of the traditional bob, the shaggy bob is less structured and more relaxed. To get this look, the hair is cut asymmetrically, with the back shorter than the front and the sides cut into an angle.



Random layers can be added as well, to give the appearance of movement and volume. Textured or chipped ends make the style more edgy and creative. This cut can be styled by blow drying with a bristle brush, concentrating heat on the underside of the hair in order to maximize body. A few hot rollers can also be used to give the hair even more bounce. Celebrities seen with this cut include Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes.

Messy Shag

The length of the messy shag should ideally fall in between the lengths of the pixie shag and the shaggy bob.



Hair is cut in face-framing layers in the front, with short layers at the nape of the neck and long layers at the crown. This creates volume while giving a piecey, edgy look. This cut can be styled by blow drying the hair using a concentrator nozzle at the roots, lifting strands with the fingers as it’s dried. Applying a little hair wax or pomade will give the look more texture. Stars such as Lisa Rinna and Meg Ryan wear this trendy style.

Long Shag

Since too many layers can give long hair an unkempt, ragged appearance, the shag style for long hair has fewer layers. The shortest layers should hit the bottom of the ears, and scissors are used to make the ends feathery.



To style this cut, product is applied to the hair and it can be air dried. For a fuller, voluminous look a hair dryer and bristle brush can be used to blow out the hair, with a little pomade added to the ends for texture. Celebrities with this style include Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Biel.…

There are many updos and trendy hairstyles that are suitable for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, proms, parties, romantic dinners or a day at work. These include classic, simple updos that can be transformed into glamorous looks, as well as edgy, shorter hairstyles that can be styled casually or with sophistication.

French Twist

The French twist is a classic hairstyle that is simple to create. It is appropriate as a formal style or casual style, as there are variations.

This twist works best on medium to long hair. Hair layers may make it difficult for the twist to stay in place. To achieve the French twist, smooth hair into a ponytail. Lift the tail against the back of the head and twist hair slightly to form a roll. Bend the roll to tuck the ends under. Tuck the entire roll inside itself to keep hair on the outside smooth. Secure with hair pins, bobby pins, a claw or other accessories. For variation, try leaving the ends loose for a casual, messy finish, or try putting the twist on an angle.

Half-Up Hairstyle

The half-up hairstyle can be simple or glamorous. It is ideal for those with medium to long hair. This is a look that reveals and emphasizes facial features.

To create a sophisticated half-up look, first curl hair with a large barrel curling iron or rollers. Separate hair just above the ears, pull toward the back, angling slightly upwards. Secure hair in place with bobby pins, leaving the middle part unpinned. Once secured, twist the loose piece around and pin into place. This look can be dressed up even further with a stylish hair pin or accessories. To keep the look casual, keep hair straight and simply pull half of the hair up at the sides and secure with an elastic or hair clip.

Short Hairstyles

Some may find short hairstyles to be more complementary and easier to maintain than longer hairstyles.

Original styles can be created by using various techniques. What’s known as a messy hairstyle is achieved by curling all of the hair into sections and styling in an unkempt manner. This style has side swept bangs. A short style with bangs for short to mid-length hair is designed with simple layers, parted bangs and hair ends flipped out. A boy cut is a short hairstyle that accentuates the face. Bangs are mixed to frame the face. All of these styles can be made glamorous by styling or adding hair accessories and suit any occasion.…

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